Gail is also available to conduct retreats in your area

She also enjoys working one on one with the discerning and serious student of yoga who is looking to deepen their understanding of yogic practice and philosophy. These private sessions are tailored to the individual.

Please feel free to inquire about details.

Gail Ackerman

Gail Ackerman is the owner/director of White Iris Yoga. She has been teaching and inspiring yoga students for over 30 years. She is certified at the Intermediate Jr. level and has served on the National Board of IYNAUS (Iyengar Yoga National Assoc. of the US). She has studied with Iyengar's both in Pune, India and the US. She continues her training with Senior teachers in this country. She was first drawn to the practice of yoga in her early teens to address chronic headaches and physical discomfort. At 24, she was diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine, which has been greatly relieved and improved with a regular yoga practice.

Because of her own personal experience, she has a compassionate approach to teaching others and to helping all students with their personal physical challenges. Her teaching incorporates respect for each individual and invites all students to move deeper within to find their own inner guidance and to more fully understand their bodies and the innate wisdom therein.


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